LED Dance Floor Hire

If you want your wedding to really stand out and inspire your guests to hit the party the night away, why not take up the option to be the envy of your friends and family with an LED Dance Floor.  The computer controlled panels have a huge selection of colours and patterns that can be changed to reflect the tempo or mood of the songs being played by your Wedding DJ.  To view a wider selection of images of this service, please visit the LED Dance Floor Gallery.


The LED Dance Floors used to be the domain of the big night clubs or for use in music videos, but that's no longer the case.  Clients now have the option to add another focal point to their celebrations and it may well be within your budget.


All of the dance floors are delivered, installed and controlled by your Wedding DJ who will use their skills to match the patterns and fades with the music that gets people dancing.  At the end of the event the panels are dismantled and removed from your wedding venue.


Specific sequences, colours, patterns and fades can be selected by you for key moments.  For example, you can choose what colour you want the LED Dance Floor to be for your First Dance, last song of the night or any other moment during the disco.


When you hire me for your wedding, not only do you get a wealth of experience at performing at hundreds of weddings, but you can also add the LED Dance Floor that will make a great combination to encourage your guests to hit the dance floor.


The LED Dance Floor can be tailored to fit in almost any size and location - as long as there is an even, dry and covered surface to put the 1m x 1m panels.  The panels are 10cm tall and ramps for wheelchair users can also be provided, so nobody misses out on the fun.


Having worked with and without an LED Dance Floor, I can safely say that when guests and venue staff walk into the room with an LED Dance Floor, they automatically have that 'WOW' expression on their face.



When you hire a Professional DJ and an LED Dance Floor, you have the perfect mix to create a great atmosphere to celebrate your Wedding.


For more details on this service and for your Wedding Disco, please use the Contact Form to express your interest.



Client Comments


Now that we're back from a great few weeks away in Sri Lanka, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your efforts a few weeks ago. From the packed dance floor all night I can safely say, and hope you'd agree, that people loved the tunes!


Thank you for essentially sticking to the play list and for choosing some cracking tunes off the play list. My only slight regret is that I didn't ban requests and so could have saved myself the shame of the "Ice, Ice Baby" display! At least the video chap had gone back home by then so there is no lasting record!


If you're in need of recommendations I'd be happy to give one on your behalf so please feel free to keep my details on record for that purpose.


Many thanks again.


All the best,


Mr & Mrs Slade