Background Music

If you've ever been put on hold when trying to get though to a company on the telephone or if you've been stuck in a shopping centre that's playing music that sounds like it's come from a child playing on an eletronic keyboard, you probably have a bad idea of what background music is.  Sadly, these are all examples that irritate people, but when quality and well known recordings are used, they can be really affective at creating a relaxed atmosphere during the Wedding Breakfast.


I can install a small and descrete sound system that can play either your chosen music selections or songs that can help set the mellow tone of the event while eating.  I can pick out appropriate music that will help create a good atmosphere and it may even get the feet tapping in preparation for the evening party.  Or you can decide what's played during the Wedding Breakfast.


Included in my Background Music service is the option to have the speeches relayed throughout your function room.  I can provide a cordless microphone so that everyone in the room can hear the stories and funny anecdotes that appear in the speeches.  Your guests will not need to strain to hear what is being said because the voices will be amplified at an appropriate and comfortable level for the whole room.


There's an old saying that 'silence can be deafening' and if you want to add some mellow music choices during your meal, I would highly recommend that you look into the Background Music service to keep a subtle tempo running through the afternoon.  For more details, please get in touch.


Client Comments

I just wanted too say thanks again for a fabulous night!


I loved the lighting and was so pleased you stuck to what we discussed.  It must be a tough job at times with various people constantly requesting loads of different things.  I'm still stunned that everyone from my Mum to potentially sulky teenagers were all up dancing.  I think I even saw a bit of a conga at one point!


We had a great day and the evening was spot on.


Thanks again!


Mr & Mrs Carlton